Tuesday, August 25, 2015


In a  recent comment on my blog from Tania B at my Passion for Scrapping she said she enjoyed working out of her comfort zone , which was why she had joined in the challenge for Zentangling at the Kraft+blog this month. 
I realised that I seldom try anything which is even a  teeny bit out of MY comfort zone but  decided to throw caution to the wind as they say !

First I scrutinized all the entries and almost gave up- as there are some stunning entries this month. Then I consulted my faithful friend Google and found some amazing work by Joanne Fink. Well worth a visit just to admire her talents as she takes doodling to a whole new level. 

So I started to practice and practice and found great pleasure in my doodling and soon was ready to start my layout. I experienced one minor hiccup along the way , the contrast on Kraft paper is not as dramatic as on white paper , and my gel pens colours also became very muted. I also discovered that I am not as yet experienced enough to do flowers freehand so covered my efforts up with paper flowers and my embellishments in the bottom corner. 

I thought it quite appropriate to use this photo of the beautiful Weaver bird , as their nests are an example of Zentangles in Nature.

So I did enjoy challenging myself and loved doodling and while there is loads of  room for improvement I am not entirely UNhappy with my doodles and I  did have a load of fun doing them.

Still time to try your hand at the Kraftplus challenge.

Natures zentangle


  1. WOW, Wendy! I absolutely LOVE your amazing and creative layout! Your doodles look so cool here! What a great photo and title, too! And I want to thank you for your wonderful visit to my blog, too! HUGS!!!

  2. Whimisical. TOTALLY, and beautifully whimsical. I ADORE it....love how you practised 'til you felt comfortable with the doodling....I hope this is just the start! And, of course, a big thanks for sharing with us at K+ this month:):)

  3. WOW...this is amazing Wendy. Whimisical is the right word Lizzy Hill. This is magical and gorgeous.

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  5. Awww...this is cute and different. Great doodling!

  6. The dodling is definitely super and the page very different and very pretty! Great photo! ;-)

  7. Beautiful work and I am so pleased that we managed to get you to try something that you wouldn't normally do. Thanks for playing along.

  8. Your doodling looks amazing, Wendy!!! Haven't tried anything of the sort myself!!!!! Love all the little things hanging from the top and the little flowers and birdies at the bottom are so sweet!!!! This is really unique, Wendy and definitely worth all the effort you've put in to practice first!!!! Well done!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  9. A beautiful and clever way to incorporate the doodling aspect! Thanks so much for going out of your comfort zone for K+ Wendy!

  10. Oh wow Wendy this is awesome love the doodling a fantastic project.
    lorraine x


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