Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog Award and facelift

Well the unpacking and DIY chores are almost done so I thought it time to update my profile and spruce up my blog... slowly of course.

I was so pleased to receive a Sweet Blog Award from Maria (please pop over and look at the stunning cards she makes) ...thanks I love strawberries and that looks like it could be cheesecake?

The conditions of acceptance are:
1. Thank the sender (tick)

2. List  7 random things about yourself (hmmm)

3. Pass the award on to at least 8 other sweet  blog buddies.

I am a stickler for rules and am going to stick to all 3 because I don't receive many of these (sob) , buttttt ......and here are one of those random things about me ...I don't like to pressure people into carrying on a chain to my 8 blog buddies please accept the award cos I really,really enjoy following your blogs and enjoy your visits to mine but don't feel obliged to carry  on the chain if you don't want to. 

Seven Random things about me

1. I love cheese.
2. I love red wine .
3. 1 plus 2 = I need to lose weight 
4. Love to spend time outside in the garden
5. Although I love cooking I am a very unadventurous chef  (like ordinary foods like mac and cheese, yorkshire pudding , dumplings-borriingggg but delish)

6. Love the crime channel and crime novels.
7. Was devastated when the Inspector Morse series (book and TV )ended.

Hope you didn't fall asleep there.

And to my fellow blog buddies hope you will accept this ward with the warmth it was given.
1. Moz at  please look at her teddy bear blog as well
2. Sharon at
3. Amelia at
4. Ursula at
5.Tertia at
6.Fiona at
7.Desiree at
8.Rene at

Thank you once again Maria , have a good day all


  1. I love your new look blog Wendy... you know me, always changing mine (hahaha). Thanks for this Award, which I accept gracefully. So kind of you to think of me. Tons of hugs, Sharon xx

  2. Wendy, thank you for this award, sorry a little slow in collecting, but a bit hectic this week. I think I need to follow your example and do some changing on my blog as well. Like the new look..... new house, new blog....great

  3. Thanks Wendy for sharing this Award with me. I accept with pleasure. Lovely new look and I am glad you are settled in your new home now.


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