Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well can't call myself a true blogger as I haven't posted since 2009 but I think I can make amends by bombarding you with my creations, Starting with a cardie class I did in JBay at my favourite shop . They were on the beach but now are next to 2 huge trees, Studio on the Beach is the name of the shop.... visit them if you are ever in Jeffreys Bay, Well now to the cards I made there , to some of you they might be quite ordinary but I have never done embossing or jikking so Blanches classes were all new to me . Here are the cards i made.....


  1. Wow, you've been busy, some lovely creations Wendy. Nice to have you back in blogland again. Hugs Sharon

  2. Hey, an Africa collection! These are great for aunts and cousins in England... you will have to explain some of these techniques to me sometime, or otherwise show me when I am next in town, it looks as if there is some depth in the cards. I think they will be interesting to see for real.

  3. These are fabulous! I love the guinea fowl - brilliant x


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